Motimatic Raises $4 Million In Growth Capital

Impact investors finance motivation system that uses advertising networks for social good.

Motimatic Team
Apr 23, 2019
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SAN FRANCISCO, April 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Motimatic, a unique motivation system that uses advertising networks to achieve social good, has successfully closed $4 million in growth capital led by City Light Capital, with participation from University Ventures and New Markets Venture Partners. Motimatic enables universities, health care providers, financial services providers and employers to improve key outcomes. The system guides and inspires students, patients, consumers and employees to engage in better behaviors that help them achieve life-term goals like graduating from college or improving their health. The funding will further accelerate Motimatic's growth in multiple sectors.

Motimatic blends the latest advances in advertising techniques, ad technology, and behavioral science to deliver tactical and motivating messages to targeted groups of people, in place of commercial advertisements that they would typically encounter on social media networks. These messages drive the behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs that lead to success. Ultimately, Motimatic customers benefit from improved engagement, completion, and retention rates.

"We know that people do great things with the right encouragement and guidance. Our solution combines behavioral science with online advertising technologies, proprietary personalization algorithms, and micro-engagement strategies. Motimatic messages are delivered through an automated distribution and scheduling system guided by each individual's online habits," notes Alan Tripp, Motimatic founder and CEO. "By partnering with organizations whose bottom line is improved by the success of the people they serve, Motimatic makes motivating a better world good business for all of us."

Jason Palmer, General Partner at New Markets Venture Partners, notes: "Motimatic is a game-changer in terms of communication. While organizations struggle to capture the attention of their constituents via email, text, and phone calls, Motimatic enables an ongoing conversation with people no matter what they are doing online. For example, when you're trying to communicate with students, patients, or employees who are frequently spending time on social media but don't follow your feed, you can now share and deliver messages to them. Ultimately, these messages drive productive behaviors to help them achieve their goals."

"After watching Motimatic develop and deploy world-class technology, we're excited to see organizations so readily adopt such an innovative solution," added Troy Williams, Managing Director of University Ventures. "The turnkey nature and overall ease-of-use of Motimatic is facilitating its rapid growth. We're also impressed with the versatility of the technology and how organizations in such diverse industries similarly benefit from the common need to drive the behaviors and attitudes that correlate with success, however each defines it."

City Light Capital Managing Partner Josh Cohen further expands on the vision: "What really excites us is how Motimatic has re-purposed digital advertising to help improve lives. Motimatic delivers messages to help students graduate, individuals to live healthier lives, professionals to be more successful in their careers, and consumers and families to meet their financial needs. And that's just the beginning. Any organization trying to drive productive behaviors and goal attainment to a targeted audience, now has an effective tool to guide and motivate people in a way that has never before been available."

About Motimatic
Motimatic has created a motivation system that harnesses the power of advertising for good -- supporting people to achieve life-changing education, health, finance and professional goals. For more information, visit:

About City Light Capital
City Light is a Venture Capital firm that invests early in impactful companies in the areas of education, safety and care, and the environment - where more revenue equals better lives at scale, every time.  As one of the earliest and most successful impact investing firms, City Light has a track record of identifying and scaling impact in ways that build better companies.

About New Markets Venture Partners
New Markets Venture Partners is a leading impact venture capital firm that invests in and actively assists early- and growth-stage education and workforce technology companies. The New Markets team has decades of experience supporting evidence-based, high growth companies that improve social mobility by leveraging deep relationships with centers of education and workforce innovation. New Markets prides itself on adding value to our portfolio companies before, during and after the investment process, with the ultimate goal of improving both individual outcomes and America's education workforce system.

About University Ventures
University Ventures is a leading investment firm focused exclusively on the global higher education sector. The fund is led by principals with decades of collective experience as entrepreneurs, investors and leaders in higher education. University Ventures is playing a formative and constructive role in the private sector's increasing involvement in the future of higher education.

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