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250+ colleges and universities trust us to reach, engage, and motivate their students.

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Power your outreach & support

Your team continues to focus on other priorities and projects.

We write, design, and deploy science-backed social media content to engage and convert your priority populations.

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  • Continuing or current students who need to know about available resources

  • Admitted students, perhaps even with financial aid, but not yet registered

  • Displaced workers who need information and support

How It Works

Motimatic improves enrollment and student success by engaging learners where they are — online.

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Rapid, Software-Free Launch

Our fully managed solution adds capacity — not burden — to your teams. Your dedicated Engagement Manager ensures your success.


You give us your priority student populations. Our team of experts prepares the engagement.


We deploy dynamic content encouraging specific actions, which is automatically updated to reflect progression.


We track progress, optimize for results, and regularly report results back to you.

Applied Motivation Science

As students browse their favorite websites and social networks, they see higher education digital marketing posts that motivate key behaviors and actions.

This is a simple, yet powerful and effective solution to support learning and student progression.

We uniquely apply precise retargeting technology to deliver these posts, so students don’t need to follow or like your pages in order to be reached.

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