Moving students forward

Motimatic's approach leverages science-backed strategies with data-driven digital marketing.

Our solution enables more students to take action and succeed throughout their educational journeys.

Breaking through to reach your students

On average, your students spend thousands of hours on social networks and websites. We help you to communicate with students in this expansive digital era, with GuidePosts that reinforce the behaviors and attitudes proven to help students succeed. Explore our higher ed solutions:

Enrollment & Registration
Student Success & PersistenceOutreach & Communication

Higher Education Marketing Agency
Higher Education Marketing Agency

Tailored guidance for your students

Motimatic’s custom GuidePosts are designed to guide, inform, and encourage your students, keeping them fully engaged as they pursue their goals.  Whether they need assignment reminders, structured resources, or a little personal motivation, your students will receive the optimal messaging.

GuidePosts will conveniently arrive directly in their social media feed and on their favorite websites, significantly increasing visibility so that your message will be seen.

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