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Motimatic helps guide your students toward completing their education. Our platform addresses any situation, offering guidance about deadlines and milestones, motivating busy students to stay on top of their assignments, and even directing students toward available resources. Overcoming the limitations of existing communication methods, Motimatic improves your college’s enrollment and engagement to deliver better, ongoing results.

Breaking Through

On average, your students spend thousands of hours on social networks and websites.  In order to be a part of their everyday lives, you must be a part of their digital lives as well.  Motimatic gives you this opportunity, because we reach them wherever they are on the web. We help you to communicate with students in this expansive digital era, with GuidePosts that reinforce the behaviors and attitudes proven to correlate with student success:

      Start Rates
      Campus Culture   

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Tailored Guidance That Inspires

Motimatic’s custom GuidePosts are designed to guide, inform, and encourage your students, keeping them fully engaged as they pursue their goals.  Whether they need assignment reminders, structured resources, or a little personal motivation, your students will receive the optimal messaging.  GuidePosts will conveniently arrive directly in their social media feed and on their favorite websites, significantly increasing visibility so that your message will be seen.

Opportunity For Change

In today’s world, it is difficult to reach people and effect change, but Motimatic has found a way.  Our platform successfully breaks through the clutter of daily life, allowing your organization to become a regular part of each student’s digital life. Motimatic gives you a bold new way to engage your students and drive them to academic success.

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