Achieving dreams takes real motivation

The First Automatic Motivational Support System

A system that improves outcomes

People are more likely to succeed when they receive the support they need. The Motimatic system improves outcomes for institutional clients by helping the people they serve meet their goals.

How It Motivates

Motimatic message content uses scientifically-proven techniques that drive personal behavior through subtle psychological cues, habit forming triggers and other motivational strategies. We organize them by the way the message is delivered – explicitly or implicitly.

Implicit Messages



Social Proof






Explicit Messages

Hot Triggers

Tiny Habits





It begins with behavioral science

The Motimatic system is rooted in behavioral science. Our messaging framework and library were developed in cooperation with leading experts at MIT, Stanford, UVA and Harvard. Read more

Proprietary message library

We serve our proprietary library of motivational messages dynamically, using our integrated system. This enables us to support and encourage students, patients and others using the digital formats they prefer—social media, multimedia, online ads, personalized text, email and more. Read more

Proven effective

Messages based in behavioral science are recognized as an effective technique to support desired outcomes. We take what researchers have learned from studies in the UK and US, expand on it with our own science-driven content and processes, and make it automatic and easy for clients to adopt. Read more

Integrated system

The Motimatic system continually learns and adapts by accumulating and analyzing data. Our advanced technology enables us to match messages and channels to specific audiences for greatest impact. Read more


Institutions in education, health and financial services succeed when the people they serve make good choices that lead to success. The Motimatic system is designed to support institutions by helping the people they serve meet their life goals – dynamically and at scale.