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We can help. And, the sooner we get started, the more time we have to reach, motivate, and enroll your students.

Motimatic's pay-only-for-results approach is trusted by 175+ colleges and universities.

We can deploy in as little as 5 days—without I.T. or extra burden on your team.

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Student Enrollment Management

Convert Hard-to-Reach Students

+639 registrations

In a matter of weeks, more than 600 stop-out students re-engaged and returned to San Diego Mesa College.

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Enrollment Strategies for A Post-HEERF World

This white paper offers proven, actionable strategies that higher education leaders can use to achieve enrollment goals quickly despite resource constraints and pressing deadlines.

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Risk-free, Rapid Launch

It's not too late to increase Fall Registration

Our process is designed to help you secure your incoming class sooner, without adding extra work for you or your team.

We know you're strapped for time, resources, and staff. That's why we do the heavy lifting, and you only pay when students actually register. Student enrollment management, simplified!

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Deploy without IT

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Launch in 5 days

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Results in 24-48 hours

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Pay only for results

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Re-Engage At-Risk Students

+308 registrations

U.W. Whitewater needed a different way to connect with their continuing (but currently not enrolled) students. We launched quickly and converted 308 at-risk students.

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Student Enrollment Management

Improve your enrollment outcomes—quickly

Whether you’re under-staffed, pushing toward a big goal, or struggling to connect with key student groups, we're here to increase university enrollment for your institution. Our approach helps you convert students in your enrollment funnel and secure your incoming class.

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Re-engage inactive admits

Help more students get back on track with the right messaging sequence, delivered through the right channel.
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Ensure more students show up

Demystify the new student onboarding process and provide critical support to help them get started at your institution.
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Convert admits to enrolls

Improve conversion rates with the hard-to-reach and on-the-fence students.
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Build sense of belonging

Embarking on something new can be scary.

Improve retention by fostering students’ sense of belonging.
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Reinforce their commitment

Reduce melt by helping them build their confidence, visualize their goals, and recommit to realizing them.
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Go from inquiry to app

Motivate more students to take their next step with targeted outreach that truly speaks to them.


Let's move your students forward

Did we mention there's no software integration? That means we can launch in time to help you improve enrollment this fall.

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