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It's time to take a different—and proven—approach to reaching and engaging students.

With bespoke digital content aligned to your term arc, we'll help you make sure your students get the info they need—exactly when they need it.

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Supporting & engaging students throughout their journey

When students engage with more services, they are more likely to succeed in their higher education student lifecycle. That's why Motimatic augments your outreach to priority student populations—motivating key actions, recommending resources, and boosting their success.

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Recommend student services

From financial aid to mental health counseling, you can help students access the care they need.

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Drive registration for critical events

Enrollment is significantly higher among students who register for critical events like New Student Orientation.

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Build campus connections

Embarking on something new can be scary. When students feel that they belong, their likelihood to persist and succeed increases.

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Increase housing contract submissions

Where they live and who they live with has a profound impact on student happiness. Completing this step will improve their confidence.

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Engage hard-to-reach students

The right message delivered through the right channel can motivate even your hardest-to-reach students to take action.

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Bring back more stop-out students

Help more students get back on the path toward earning a degree with nudges that remind them you care.

Engaging Students

Promote Student resources

+5% first-year persistence

To ensure that students felt connected, one university chose to encourage students to take small steps every day, like engaging with their peers. These students received regular reminders about campus services and gentle encouragement throughout the term. As a result of engaging students, first-year retention increased by 5%.

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Getting started

Engaging students within weeks

We understand your student success goals, and we've helped students like yours succeed. Our process is designed to help you reach and engage your current students, without adding extra work for you or your team.

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Deploy without IT

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Launch in days

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Get results in weeks

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Pay only for results


Let's move your students forward

Did we mention there's no IT integration? That means we can launch in time to help you improve enrollment this fall.

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