72 new registrants in just 12 days
(unresponsive admits)

We gave Motimatic an impossible task: Work our hardest list and bring back results in a matter of days. We would have been happy with 20 new students, but got more than triple what we asked for.

Andy Benoit
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
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Give Us Your Hard-to-Reach Lists and We’ll Deliver Results

You continue to focus on students with the greatest likelihood of converting and we take on the rest.

Students who started but never completed their application

Students missing something required for enrollment (like transcripts)

Students admitted, even packaged for financial aid, but not yet registered

Continuing students who have not registered for the upcoming term

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How it Works

Motimatic achieves impact for you by engaging students where they are — online.

As students browse their favorite websites and social platforms, they see posts that motivate key behaviors. A click on the post takes students directly to your website, portal or LMS where they can take action. Because Motimatic uniquely applies retargeting technology to deliver these posts, students don’t need to follow or like your pages in order to be reached.

Let's talk!
You give us the student lists and our team of behavioral science and digital media experts get started developing your campaign.
We deliver dynamic content encouraging students to take specific actions, then automatically update the content to reflect students' progression.
We track progress, adjust the strategy to optimize success when needed and regularly report results back to you.

131 new registrants in just 41 days
(students admitted but not enrolled in the last three terms)

Motimatic was incredibly easy to work with and the ROI was guaranteed. They’re now a part of our ongoing strategy for high priority enrollment efforts.

Andrew Stone
Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management
Utah Valley University
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More Reasons to Try Motimatic

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Results-based pricing means you only pay for the students who take action and enroll

Live in Days

Launch in less than a week and enjoy virtually no ongoing maintenance

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Fully Managed

We add capacity — not burden — to your marketing and admissions teams

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True Partnership

A dedicated Engagement Manager ensures your success

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Let's take your students from inactive to enrolled.

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