Motivation Science Startup Taps Higher Education Technology Leader

Motimatic announces hiring of new Vice President of Education Solutions to help higher education deploy adtech for student success

Motimatic Team
Sep 19, 2019
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SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Motimatic, a social impact startup that draws upon advances in behavior science and digital marketing to encourage positive behaviors at school and work, today announced the appointment of Dan Curtis as Vice President of Education Solutions. He brings fifteen years of experience growing social impact businesses to Motimatic as it works to apply behavioral science and advertising technology to promote better outcomes in education, health care and the workplace.

A veteran of the frontlines of higher education technology and practice, he previously held roles at Western Governors University, recognized as one of the most innovative universities in the United States for its application of competency-based education with working adults, and predictive analytics pioneer Civitas Learning, where he worked with colleges and universities to apply sophisticated data science technology to improve student persistence.

"This role represents an exciting opportunity to help colleges and universities not only learn from the cutting-edge technologies of digital marketing and advertising, but also deploy them as powerful tools for  student success," Curtis said. "After building a career helping colleges and universities deploy emerging technologies, I'm excited to join Motimatic, a company that is achieving measurable results for students and institutions."

Drawing on deep insights from a career built at the intersection of higher education and technology, as Vice President of Education Solutions, Curtis will focus on tapping the potential of digital advertising to promote student success and engagement.

"Dan brings not only a wealth of experience in harnessing transformative technology, but also shares the same deep commitment to social impact that informs our work," said Alan Tripp, CEO of Motimatic. "His addition to our leadership team will enable us to expand our reach and impact in higher education and the other sectors that we serve."

Motimatic has created a motivation system that harnesses the power of advertising for good -- supporting people to achieve life-changing education, health, finance and professional goals. For more information, visit  

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