88 registrations with turnkey approach at Mendocino College

Mendocino College needed additional student registrations immediately. But, they didn't have the internal resources or capacity to get it done.

We converted 88 students for them in a matter of weeks.

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Boosting registration despite limited capacity

Within enrollment still down after the pandemic, Mendocino leadership was determined to find a way to recruit back their stop-out students.

They weren’t responding to email. And, Mendocino’s outreach team didn’t have the bandwidth to do individual follow-up calls.

Mendocino chose to work with Motimatic so that their staff could focus on other priorities. Within a week we were live with Mendocino-branded GuidePosts, which secured a 90% engagement rate.

More than 80 students returned to Mendocino College, which resulted in a 3.6x return on investment for their leadership team.

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