Proprietary message library

Our motivational message library is constantly growing and improving. Since messages are distributed through an integrated platform over multiple online channels, they are subject to continuous iteration and evolution.

All messages are supportive, by nature, to achieve positive outcomes. The content is grounded in behavioral science and developed in cooperation with leading experts. Motimatic also draws on the best customer engagement, inspiration and visual triggers from top creative agencies with an expertise in succinct, motivating messages.


A broad and deep message library

The intelligent Motimatic system can target each user with messages aligned with their overall goals and individual traits.

Message types include:

  • Advertising messages that are compelling and visual
  • Curated social media messages created by user volunteers
  • Reminders, announcements and tips branded by our client organizations
  • Texts and emails (automatically customized and distributed) from a relevant client representative

The power of multimedia

Motimatic leverages multiple message formats, including professionally produced multimedia that enables you to use platforms like Pandora and YouTube as motivational points of contact.