Integrated system

Motimatic technology is fully integrated. In real time, we can utilize data to assess the kind of messages that perform best over discrete channels with specific audiences.

The status quo

Students are diverse, independent, highly-mobile digital natives. And yet, most colleges limit their communication strategy to emails and occasional texts.

The Motimatic breakthrough

No one is using ad network technology and social media in the way Motimatic does, with a comprehensive and Integrated system. Data-driven technology enables Motimatic to provide a dynamic solution to communicate with students in their world and in their way – not as an outsider or faceless authority.

Integrated with students’ digital behaviors

Our system is expertly integrated to reach students through the digital platforms they live on and switch between, wherever they are on the web. Motimatic motivational messages appear on a wide variety of sites and apps, from Facebook to Twitter, from Instagram to ESPN and TMZ, on desktop or mobile. Students have full control over the flow of messages, in line with their preferences for media engagement. They can opt in or out with a single click.

Implementation in days

Motimatic implementation can be completed in a matter of days, and can work with your existing LMS, SIS or CRM. While Motimatic can be used as a stand-alone service without integration into your systems, we have the technology expertise and support to help you easily integrate our platform into your communication and student retention programs for further efficiency and coordination benefits.

Data optimization

In real time, we utilize data to assess the kind of messages that perform best over discrete channels with specific audiences.

Help that’s individual and collective

For the benefit of all our customers, we compile extensive data to help inform performance benchmarks by audience and industry. Our system lets us weigh the effectiveness of different channel strategies against cost. In turn, we automatically implement the most cost-effective solution.

We have the scale and power of Big Data to optimize in ways that individual clients cannot. Our philosophy is to fulfill what’s best for all our clients, and help them achieve their goals just like they do for their customers.