Behavioral science

According to classical economic theory, people are essentially rational. Faced with a choice, they collect information and weigh pros and cons, making complex calculations related to uncertainty and personal preferences. Because of this, people generally make excellent decisions related to nutrition, physical fitness, personal finances, education, career and relationships. At least, in theory.

Behavior is complex

Lately, it has become increasingly clear that the Rational Actor Theory isn’t exactly right. Much human behavior is social, intuitive and driven by emotion. Actions are motivated by powerful unconscious processes, then rationalized by conscious thought. Long-term outcomes are driven by the cumulative effects of daily habit loops.

We resolve to do better, but rarely change unconscious behavior through conscious thought, no matter how profound our commitment to do so. That’s why it’s so difficult for people to create lasting change in their lives.

The rise of behavioral science

Behavioral science studies systems, regulations, and processes that drive outcomes – both positive and negative. In recent years, using messaging such as explicit reminders delivered through proactive advising, or by text/email has been shown to be a proven behavioral change technique, with promising research results in the UK and US.

A system that speaks to people

The Motimatic system builds on this messaging research with technology that increases its effectiveness. Our implicit messages speak to the individual (much as advertising does). Explicit messages employ the proven behavioral techniques of directness and immediate benefit.

Motimatic’s sophisticated delivery system leverages the various interactive touch points that people count on in our connected world. These include online ad networks, social media, video, audio, email and texting.

Automatic motivational support

The Motimatic system is a comprehensive, integrated approach for developing, distributing, refining and assessing automatic motivational support campaigns.